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CEDCOSS is now 9 years old: Journey from scratch to 300+ plus strong team

Drums roll, Trumpets blow. And here we start!!

The year was 2010, when the two techie nomads - Abhishek Jaiswal and Himanshu Rauthan met and with it an urge to build a community started to manifest. The duo worked together and were eying opportunities to jumpstart their entrepreneurial journey.

And soon they realized their opportunity - the difficulty for online sellers to set up their shop, scale it, and then diversify their business operations. There was a dearth of online, easy-to-use, and tailor made solutions that eases the different aspects of online selling.

With the opportunity realized, the duo took the leap of faith and took a dive into the entrepreneurial ocean with an aim to democratize ecommerce. From here, starts the journey, started by 2 and turned into 350+ organization.

What does democratizing ecommerce mean?

In the words of the Co-Founder & Directors of CEDCOSS - Himanshu Rauthan and Abhishek Jaiswal - refers to provide an opportunity to online sellers which is really affordable, technically hassle-free, and the best-in-class support to meet their unique demands.

Here, people are not mere employees. They are young entrepreneurs and dreamers. The combination of thinkers and doers who are ready to take any challenge head-on and eager to compete with best-in-the business.

The Early Years:

early years

When the idea of starting an organization manifested in their minds, they took prompt actions and started from their rented bedrooms before acquiring a space in Hazratganj where they met the other pillars of the organization - Mudit Shukla, Deepak Gupta and Shyam Mishra. Then they were 5 and growing in strength.

Thereafter, new departments were added to the organization - Designing and Quality Testing as the need arised. As Abhishek and Himanshu reminisce, from the very start, “We were determined to deliver solutions that followed robust coding standards and emits great user experience”

The SophomoreYears:

As they say, a good start is a half job done. Although the remaining second half is equally difficult and no way easier when you’ve have team. Here the duo learned to build a great rapport with their team-mates, brought the culture into the organization and instill an attitude to push oneself beyond their capabilities constantly, fast to accept the mistakes and even faster to rectify them.

It is these ethos that helped CEDCOSS sail through in an otherwise environment which discourages entrepreneurship. Despite being dearth of talent, resources, guidance, an active community and policies, the team never for a second felt morally down. In fact the adversities became a challenge which the team was ready to solve at all costs and with each solution, the team grew in confidence. Till now, CEDCOSS also ventured into product domain and started offering customized solution for sellers aiming to start their own amazon-like marketplace using Magento framework.

Now, as the employee count increased, the need for more space was felt and as a result two spaces were rented. The challenge of bootstrapping and then scaling is second to none. As it requires relentless iterations and diversification of operations, as not only you need to be profitable from the day one, in order to meet the expenses of running an organization. Adding to that, it requires fund savings and cost cuttings to be able to invest in infrastructure that can help organization grow.

The Penultimate Years:Years of Expansion:

Once the ethos of relentless pursuit towards excellence and keep moving in face of any and every adversity were imbibed, it became relatively easier and the real results started to show, from 50 member team quickly grew into 100, then 150 and with a blink of an eye it was 300+ strong community, now operating from their centralized work space.

The organization has now all the departments - Marketing, Networking, Quality Assurance, Testing, Development, Accounts, Human Resources, Legal and Finance.

We opened our two international office to pursue business opportunities. The first one is located in the Portland, Oregon whereas, the other is located in Leicester, UK.

And recently we added our first employee, who is still with us and leading a business unit - the Associate Director of the CEDCOSS. His dedication, learning and willingness to help others is for others to learn. Congratulations Mr. Mudit Shukla!

The SubsidiarySaga:

The CEDCOSS is no longer a single entity. In fact it is the parent company of several other ecommerce web development agencies. The subsidiary are:

CedCommerce: Tools that help online sellers to open, scale and diversify their ecommerce store and operations.

MageNative: It converts the functioning online store based on Magento, Magento 2, Shopify, Opencart, and Prestashop - into a feature-rich mobile app

MakeWebBetter: It offers marketing, sales, design related tools to make running an ecommerce store a hassle-free experience.

BotmyWork: Chatbots are the thing of the presence. From providing support to trading and from performing dedicated tasks to automating an operation, Bots help to automate various business operations.

Events are big part of our learning:

Since we operate from a Tier 2 city which is otherwise isolated from the places where innovations are taking place at large scale, it was felt to constantly attend the events which makes us closer to the community, help us meet like-minded people, explore business opportunities and network with people of diverse skill set.

This enabled us to grasp the learnings from people of different cultures, background and skill set and employ these learnings to our ecosystem.

From attending Magento Live event at Paris and Ecommerce Summit at Berlin and Amsterdam to sponsoring Shopify Pursuit’s indian edition, from attending the Payoneer’s summit for small businesses to attending Magento Live at Ahmedabad with team, we have attended dozens of events and learnt from each single opportunity.

Awards and Partnerships:

As per a Hinduism phrase, Do the work and don’t worry about the outcomes, we kept on doing our duties - to help sellers take their shops online and scale. We worked by day and night and gave all the play and delight. And the years of toil and hard work paved away big time. We were acknowledged as the winners of Deloitte’s Technology Fast 50 India winners for 3 years in a row - 2016, 2017, and 2018 and by virtue of it we also became the part of winners of Deloitte’s Technology Fast 500 program Asia Pacific. Our tools are acknowledged as Rising Star and Best Customer Experience by

As per as the partnerships are concerned, these worked in our favour bigtime. The first and biggest break-through till then came, when Walmart decide to make us their official channel integration partner, an honor/opportunity which was not extended to any other Indian company till then. Then came the flood of partnerships - Sears, Bonanza, Wish, Newegg, Tophatter and multiple other ecommerce marketplaces made us their official channel integration partner and Google has also bestowed their partner status on us recently.

Ahappy familyis that eats together and plays together

Although our aim has been to democratize the ecommerce, this could not have been possible without the people who share your vision and aspiration and are ready to take the baton and pass on to others when the time comes. We realized to help a human being grow and acquire different skill set, he needs to feel belonged.

Birthdays (and the bums), Work anniversary, sports and outings are the ingrained in our culture so as to build team. As they say, Individuals wins you match and team a championship.

To all the CedCossians, Stay Healthy, Stay Happy and Keep rocking!