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Non tech jobs in IT industry

Time to look at Non-Tech jobs in the IT industry!

IT has more to offer than you know! Be it the learning or opportunity, we still aren’t fully aware of what it can bring us. That’s the reason why we have got this covered for you! The profiles we observe are the ones that are too technical. And probably the reason why we haven’t explored much in that direction is the lack of awareness about the “other” jobs in IT.  

In the following blog, we will be covering “the more” of IT exploration. The types of employers to seek out for an IT role. And then, of course, focus on the other type of job roles that are not under the technical bracket. To be more specific, here’s the subsequent flow:

What more to seek in the IT industry?

IT or Information Technology as an industry hosts a plethora of divisions today. Gone are the days when only a technical graduate was the sole seeker of the IT sector. The jobs are more diverse. Now even a media & communications graduate can pursue a career in IT! The division has now almost become equal in terms of job requirements as;

Tech vs non tech hiring
Technical Vs Non-Technical hiring

You can see how the hiring is taking place. Thus opening a lot of scope for other fields. 

Say how? For example, a candidate is looking for PR, and the IT company seeks someone for PR representation. Thus, forming a connection of need and want between the two. Similarly, there are many such roles hidden inside. All because the firms seek different verticals for better and smooth functioning. Many of what we will discuss further here. 

What more you should know is, the industry had around 4 million personnel in the financial year 2021. The growth seems steady in the upcoming years and therefore will be more promising. Why do we say so? Because the industry has opened portals for a diverse job-seeking market. 

Here’s what the upcoming years are expected to look like;

Growth of jobs in IT
Industry Growth

Therefore, now there’s indeed a lot “more” to seek in the industry. 

We said we will be covering the non-tech roles here for IT, but we also wish to help out here in terms of the employers. A lot of which seek IT professionals now.

Types of employers

Oftentimes suggestions pour in terms of the job profiles you can consider. But the rarity is the list and type of employers. Something that can help your search direction. 

Types of Employers
Types of Employers

 Right here, we have a list you can sort for your approach. 

Software firms

The first and foremost are the software firms. They have been the top recruiters for IT from the very beginning. Keeping a tab on these can always be beneficial. 

Hardware firms

The providers of hardware also seek technological assistance for maintenance and development. Thus, becoming an essential employer for hiring. 

Telecom firms

The telecom industry is one of the most sought-after software as this is where a lot of tech support and personnel is needed. 

IT service providers

The name suggests it all. IT service providers are also the most potent and most sought-after employers in this domain. They indulge in the delivery of service, therefore, need human resources for better working. 

Technical consultancy

Technical consultancies are heavily dependent on candidates skilled in the technical domain. However, these are also the firms offering roles across various roles.

The public sector 

The public sector in itself offers a wide range of opportunities and roles for a professional. They have a high demand for both tech and non-tech candidates. 

Banks and retailers

These are the industries that offer a good amount of recruitment today. As they are also among one of the largest recruiters for candidates across many spheres. 

Non-technical jobs

The industry demands expertise, and they mean at every front. The IT industry seeks many roles that ensure their enhanced output. Here’s taking a look at jobs in IT that do not need you to be a tech graduate. 

Graphic designer

If you are a graphic designer and have the relevant skills, then there’s a spot for you too. IT firms have their own set of graphic requirements, and for that, they need aid in the form of a graphic designer.

Content writer

One of the most sought-after profiles of today has a place in the IT world too! A media and communications graduate, having the desired portfolio and ability can come onboard. In fact, these candidates are wanted more because firms desire error-free copies that represent them. They wish to be read well and understood well. Thus, raising a huge requirement for writers. 


No firm is complete without an HR professional. Human resources or HR is the bridge between the employer and employee. Their presence in a firm indicates the presence of a process. A process that ensures the organization’s smooth run. Therefore if you are a human resource aspirant, this industry has something for you too.


This is a core requirement irrespective of the industry. Managing and tackling account requisites is instrumental for every organization. Therefore a candidate, well-versed in the account’s core can become a part of it and consider this as one of the jobs in IT. 

Business development analyst

They work behind the screen and manage business-related analysis for better growth. On them is the responsibility of development and better business returns. AN IT firm requires them for the execution of sales and marketing. They are responsible for team management and delivery. To have them on board means to give the reins of your business management.

Social media manager

We are all surrounded by the influence of social media. And the effects it exercises today are phenomenal. Every organization now looks for a social media representation that gives some leverage to them amongst the crowd. Therefore, hiring a social media manager becomes central in achieving that goal. And that’s something also being sought by an IT firm. 

UI/ UX designer

Why will an IT company seek this? Well, they do! And a lot! Because user experience stands as the top priority for them. After all, a firm that is involved in client acquisition and customer satisfaction for its core services needs to impress. For example, we deal with ecommerce services and providing an excellent and easy-to-handle UI/ UX holds prime importance. 

Project Manager

As the name suggests, these employees are in charge of the assigned projects and ensure their timely completion with enhanced output. Their presence in an IT firm is central because they take care of the business process and ensure task fulfillment. Thus, if you seek that job profile, the same lies in store in IT. 


The jobs and types of employers shared are just a brief overview. We intend to raise awareness about the industry and roles that one can seek with this. As the IT industry is vast and now hosts a multitude of opportunities. 

Being in the IT domain, we hold a lot more than the profiles mentioned. Therefore, look beyond the traditional setups today as each industry might have a fit for you. 

If you wish to connect with us, then do it right here! We will look forward to it!  


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