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Guide to performance marketing- 2023

Living in an era where you can get information and new skills on your finger count because of so much exposure and advancements in digital technology, the competition has also grown to heights. Businesses are now focused on results and revenues through expense over marketing.  To pick the peculiar, you need to drive the performance of your business. So, here is the perfect guide to take you through Performance marketing in 2023!

Digital advertising had an expenditure of 521.02 billion U.S. dollars in 2021 globally. According to the report of Statista, this digital ad spending will reach around 876 billion dollars by the year 2026. 

So, here also marks the big opportunity which you can make the most of if you can understand things initially which means making your marketing payable only when it performs. 

So, this article is going to be interesting and we will be covering the following

What is performance marketing?

Benefits of Performance marketing.

Working and Measures of Performance Marketing

What is performance marketing?

Mixing up your paid advertisement strategy with branding goals is Performance Marketing. In this type of marketing, you pay advertisers or marketing companies only when your goal is met. So, this digital marketing strategy works directly based on desired results. 

What can be your goals? 

Goals are the end result you want to achieve from any campaign. When it applies to digital paid advertisements, then you have goals like, 

  • Branding and enhanced visibility
  • Getting up leads
  • Generating sales

So, in performance marketing, you start your paid ad campaign and you are only charged when the goal you aligned is met. That’s perfect!

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Moving ahead, let’s look at the benefits that you can uphold using performance marketing. 

Benefits of performance marketing

The paid campaign which people generally use also has many benefits, but using performance marketing can add up to more of their interests in the following ways, 

Proper control over expenditure

Adding up with performance marketing channels in your campaign provides you an extra edge with your financials. You hit your campaign directly and you are only being cost when your goal has been met. That means nothing to be paid extra for something that does not resolve your problem. 

Once you have your revenue system in control and qualified expenditure, you can put emphasis on working and progressing your business. 

This is why Performance campaigns in marketing are termed as cost-effective and result-orientated. 

Traceable campaigns

Yes, the campaigns here are easily measurable. You don’t have any vague data. When you are already paid once your goal is achieved, then each time you get debited, your data adds up. In that way, you can very easily measure the activities of your campaigns and find out that is it performing well or not. 

You can also find your return on investment with ease. You can make changes to your campaign as required and get back to business again, saving a lot of time and effort for you. 

Targeting Pin Pointing Audience

It’s very simple. Your paid ad campaign is active and you have set the performance indicator as sales or lead, the same pattern will be what your ad is comprised of. Now, you only get paid when any of the visitors become your lead or generates sales over your platform. 

Hence, you got the exact audience you were wishing for. The particular is your target audience. So, isn’t this amazing that, you are only paid when you have your direct audience which can also be measured and traced easily at the same time? 

That’s the point where I am like, 

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And, also why not?

This makes the business owners free from excessive workloads and focuses more and more on business niches, product/service lines, quality, and quantity. Apart from that, scaling and upgrading your enterprise!

Working and Measures of Performance Marketing 

By the time you have scrolled up the page here after giving it a read, one thing is sure this marketing technique is fabulous and gives access to explore more with fewer costs. Now, let us have a look at how it works or how can you measure it. 

So, there come the following patterns to make the best use of performance marketing strategies as per your goals, they are 

  • CPC:: Cost-per-click
  • CPM::  Cost-per-thousand-impressions
  • CPS:: Cost-per-sales
  • CPL:: Cost-per-leads
  • CPA:: Cost-per-acquisition


as the name goes, Cost per Click, you are only charged if you want the visitor to click on your ad. Once the click is done, the goal will be achieved and you will be charged. Following the same, you can measure your campaign.

The goals you can use under CPC are
– Website Traffic
– Remarketing
– Engagement


Once your campaign is live under the CPC module, you get charged when your ad is visible atleast 1000 times over GDN (Google Display Network). So based on your bidding, you have to pay the amount on every 1000 displays of your ads.

The goals you can use under CPM are
– Brand Awareness
– Website Traffic


You have your ad live under the goal which states that you only have to pay if you have achieved a sale for your business. In the same pattern, the ad is also prepared. For example, shopping ads are placed over the SERPs (Search Engine Ranking Pages)


If you want to generate leads for your business, you have a perfect way then. Start your campaigns Under the goal” Lead Generation” and you are cost whenever you are able to generate a lead for your business. 


It is a combination of both CPL and CPS. Using CPA as a structure you can have various actionable paths you want from your visitor. For example,
– Making a sale
– Getting contact info
– Filling up a form
– Generating traffic to your sale page
– Visiting an informatory or general blog

This helps you in achieving various specific actions using one structure rather than the ad placements on different metrics. 


Performance marketing can turn out to be a fantastic gem in your strategy with perfect cost-effectiveness and reaching the ultimate target you want. All that depends is following the right strategy and the right decisions. 

You will be needing the right mentor who can make your path easy and smooth and help you in not making wrong decisions. As that dictates your marketing trajectory and course of action. So, you need to find one. 

In case you want to connect with us, feel free to drop your comments down!

Till then, make your marketing work well!


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