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Discover how Pinterest for WooCommerce can help your store

Discover how Pinterest for WooCommerce can help your store!

One of the most loved social sites, Pinterest, is now all set to be a mate for Woocommerce! The social platform is widely known for its aesthetics and has been a source of creative inspiration for many. What we are going to unfold today is how and what exactly is Pinterest for WooCommerce.  

The website has won over people due to its standalone features apart from other social media sites. People know Pinterest tag for tips and suggestions in multiple profiles like fashion, home decor, travel, and whatnot. 

In the following blog, we have tried to address the queries regarding the same. But before we dive into its lengths, here’s an overview of all that lies ahead here.

What is Pinterest?

The platform emerged from the territories of the United States. But it is now a global platform. It is widely used for inspiration in various lengths and breadths by people. Where people save their favorite images or pins, leading to the creation of Pinterest pinboards. Something they can come back to and check while working on it.

Pinterest for Woocommerce
Pinterest moodboard

It’s, therefore, safe to say that Pinterest is an image-oriented platform. Also, it is one of the most successful platforms to push unbranded content, where 97% of people look for the product and do not necessarily mind the brand name behind it. 

Because people are here to get inspired for and improve their; 





It is unlike other social platforms like Facebook or Instagram, where you can share and show it to your peers. It is a platform for you and only you. So whatever you save to Pinterest, it stays with you and your profile. 

Why is Pinterest favored today?

Pinterest has grown as a platform around the globe. Now standing in the 14th position in terms of popularity, it has around 400 million active users today. And continues to grow with every passing day. 

Number of social media users
Number of social media users

So far, we have seen the popularity of the platform. Next in line is why Pinterest is favored today. The reasons for this are as follows:

  • Pinterest can bring in 33% of referral traffic than any other platform. That is, people come to it without directly searching for it. The scalability that we have mentioned is also beyond the widely used sites like Facebook. 
  • Almost 50% of the active Pinterest users reside outside the place of origin, i.e., U.S.
  • 46% of all the users discover new brands via the platform now. 
  • 60% of buyers research on Pinterest shop now before making a purchase. 
pinterest effect on purchase decision
Pinterest’s effect of people’s buying decision
  • People on Pinterest tend to buy 85% higher than on any other social platform. Yes, not even on Instagram!
  • Weekly users have a 1.35X times high chance of having more benefits from choosing from brands than ‘non-pinners.’
  • Chances of 8 out of 10 active users making a purchase are higher over the platform.
  • People spend 2X times more on product pins over Pinterest than on any other site. 
  • The platform has 240 million saved pins. A number that must have soared high while bringing this to you. 
  • Another reason that makes Pinterest more favorable is it is 99% comprised of images and 0.3% of videos. 
  • From the audience’s perspective, they get a lot out of it as they get 2000 boards in possession and can save upto 200,000 pins/ images! So it is a win-win for the audience.
  •  50% of people are now more open to purchasing from brands that are new to them. 
  • The average number of pinners rose by almost 20% per both quarters in 2021.  

These numbers here pretty much summed up what we have intended to say, and that is, Pinterest is your go-to deal today! The reclusive platform gives you a chance not to get discovered better but helps you become your audience favorite! 

One thing is also certain from all this if you are starting, Pinterest is a good way to give your brand leverage.

What is Pinterest for Woocommerce?

So far, we have firmed our belief in what the platform is all about. The opportunities it holds. Now it’s time we address ‘What is Pinterest for Woocommerce?’

Pinterest for WooCommerce

Pinterest has now become a marketplace to some extent. Thus, giving opportunities to brands to sell their stuff there. This is an attempt where you can sync your Pinterest business account to your WooCommerce store (WooCommerce, as we all know, is the e-commerce extension of WordPress).  

And here’s how you can start with it.

So first things first, your Pinterest account needs an extension/ integration/ plugin to connect with your WooCommerce store! 

And this is what is taking the ecommerce world by storm now. The roll-out of a Pinterest for WooCommerce extension!

With an extension by your side, you can; 

  • Make your entire product catalog into a browsable pinboard.
    • To make a catalog adhere to the following practices:
    • Sign up for the business account.
    • Then apply for ‘Website claiming.’ 
    • Make sure your website sticks to the shared merchant guidelines.
    • Have a good data source that stores all your vital store information.
    • Keep these data sources well-maintained.
  • Add relevant tags to your website as this will help in optimizing your ads for shopping. Letting you explore many shopping features. They also help in retargeting campaigns and help to calculate your conversions. 
  • ‘Shop tab’ will help your visitors make a direct purchase from your profile. This gets going directly when you set up your account with the extension.

Need a WooCommerce extension?

  • You can enroll yourself in the verified by merchant program too. Where a ‘verified’ badge comes to display along with your profile. This will come in handy for you as people will have more trust in the purchase process.
    • To get verified as a merchant, you need to perform/ stick to the following guidelines;
      • Your customer service
      • Your policy on returns
      • And the list of acceptable products

So, in a nutshell, that would be the core of it.

How will it benefit merchants?

Pinterest for WooCommerce is a very promising affair for the WooCommerce merchants today. 

Although we have majorly covered the overview and potential of this idea, in this section, we will be briefing all the benefits for merchants. 

  • The selling process gets simplified over the platform with the extension.
  • Your sales see a massive jump with the plugin. 
  • Your ads are well received and optimized.
  • The audience reach multiplies for your products in front and is massive as 85% of people look for the new product over Pinterest. 

So the deal is indeed promising. If you are an e-commerce merchant, tap into the potential of Pinterest today!


Pinterest for Woocommerce is a lot to explore and understand. In our attempt here, we have tried to bring to the forefront what it is, how it serves the merchants, and why it matters. 

We hope our efforts help you choose the best in business. 

And if you have any suggestions or comments, do mention them right in the comment section below. We will be happy to read your perspective. You can also connect with us on our following social media handles.






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