Founded in 2010 by Mr Abhishek Jaiswal and Mr Himanshu Rauthan, CEDCOSS is a Community Engaged in Development and Customisation of Open Source Software.



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Voice Search Experience

Elevating “Voice Search User Experience” with Voice Search and Voice Interfaces

In today’s digital landscape, optimizing the “Voice Search User Experience” has become a critical focus for businesses aiming to enhance their users’ interaction with technology. The integration of Voice Search and Voice Interfaces (Voice Search Interface) presents a unique opportunity to revolutionize how users engage with digital platforms, particularly in the realm of voice-activated searches. As […]

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Future of low code and no code

The Future of Low Code Vs No Code

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, the ability to adapt quickly and efficiently is paramount. This is where low-code and no-code development platforms are poised to make a significant impact. The future of low code and code is intertwined with rapid innovation and digital transformation. According to Gartner, the market for low-code and no-code technologies is […]

Implications of AI

Navigating the AI Renaissance: Implications, Innovations, and Ethical Considerations

In the era of the AI Renaissance, marked by immense innovation potential, there also looms substantial risk. Hence it becomes extremely important to discuss the implications of AI. A notable incident unfolded in 2023 when Altman faced a lawsuit from a collective of AI researchers, alleging infringement upon their intellectual property rights.  This ongoing legal […]

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Chat GPT For Productivity

ChatGPT for Productivity: How to Use ChatGPT for Enhanced Efficiency

In today’s fast-paced world, productivity is the key to success. Whether you are a student preparing for competitive exams, a marketing professional, an analytics enthusiast, or an AI enthusiast, maximizing your productivity is essential. The good news is that one can use ChatGPT for Productivity. An AI chatbot, can be a valuable tool to help […]

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Remote Onboarding

Onboarding Process: A Guide to Success for Remote Teams

In the ever-evolving landscape of remote work, effective onboarding has become a cornerstone of building engaged and productive teams. Whether you’re a seasoned remote organization or new to the digital frontier, mastering the art of remote onboarding is a strategic imperative. This guide unveils best practices, actionable tips, and a roadmap to ensure your onboarding […]

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Shoptalk Las vegas

Shoptalk Vegas 2023: Reignited the best in Retail

Shoptalk Vegas 2023 was a beautiful dream turned into reality for our team at CEDCOSS! Our sister wing, CedCommerce, ventured out again for the largest retail reunion, and we couldn’t be more excited.  Shoptalk has been instrumental in honing the retail discussions for thousands of retail changemakers. Where everything from trends to transformational technologies is […]

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The strive for future of digitalization by CEDCOSS

The strive for a future of digitalization by CEDCOSS

Change is the utmost truth in this world. In this renaissance, we are here from the initials to be part of the turnaround of the world corporate working culture towards digitization followed the by the strive for a future of digitalization! The era is completely dedicated to digital transformation. All businesses, whether small, medium, or […]

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