Founded in 2010 by Mr Abhishek Jaiswal and Mr Himanshu Rauthan, CEDCOSS is a Community Engaged in Development and Customisation of Open Source Software.



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Marching through our mission

 Marching through our ‘Mission’

The global diaspora is beaming with new technological innovations, and the world is now progressing towards an era of digital transformation. So much is the progression that the business landscape sees a shift from brick and mortar spaces to virtually sound e-stores. We are now “Catalyzing digital transformation for those seeking customization of open source software through our well-channeled verticals of assistance.” The traditional setups are now a thing of the past. With a growing demand for quick and accessible services, everything and everyone has shifted their gears from offline to online.  And we, at CEDCOSS, identified with this new wave. The changes were rapid, but not everyone was coping alike.

We understood this and felt a need to bring in solutions that aid such businesses/ new-age entrepreneurs. That’s what set our course for the mission that now resonates across the entire community of CEDCOSS.             

Our mission

We are now “Catalyzing digital transformation for those seeking customization of open source software through our well-channeled verticals of assistance.

With this mission in mind, we set our course in assisting all the businesses that needed help in the ecommerce space. We wanted to give a complete end-to-end solution for their venture. Therefore, we diversified our resources and work verticals to fully realize this mission.  

The team CEDCOSS

What we are doing

We have now cultivated a team worldwide that shares the mission of catalyzing the digital revolution by providing cutting-edge solutions to the seekers. We are therefore aiding them all over the world with solutions that ease out their journey and help them grow further via our efforts of marketing and technical assistance.   

Why we are doing

The necessity and need for better and viable e-commerce solutions was identified when CEDCOSS stepped into the sphere. We decided to build a community that would fuel the passions of like-minded, coming-of-age business ventures. Thus, harnessing an environment of positive maturation in the e-commerce sector.      

How are we doing

Once the idea of “what we should be doing” and “why we should be doing,” was conceived, our focus moved on to the next step, i.e., the “How of achieving our mission.”  With this thought in mind, we set our course in creating work verticals that would help us in the process.      

Our first stepping stone, CedCommerce

Starting in 2010 and recognizing the dearth of service providers, we started our first vertical, CedCommerce, which honed itself in helping businesses with its multiple attributes. The idea was to be a client-first organization that provided affordable e-commerce solutions.   

We started rendering help to the community with various marketplace solutions, necessary integrations, and framework models. While also engaging in proper SEO with enhanced marketing solutions, services, and migrations. Thus, bridging a part of the gap many businesses face.

The need for more, birthed MakeWebBetter

The web as a space is vast and needs seamless inputs for better returns. Thus prompting us to think in the direction of a vertical that would make our assistance more directed. 
We, therefore, ventured our expertise and learning towards honing the customer experience and aiding in target audience analysis for HubSpot with our vertical, MakeWebBetter. This was done to ensure the enhancement of better consumer relations and tapping into the right market at the right time for maximizing returns.

Changing times, led to our finding of MageNative

But this wasn’t it. We persevered to give end-to-end solutions, i.e., from inception to proper distribution for the clientele. This made us realize that we needed to deliver more in a world where everything was going mobile. We, therefore, stepped into custom mobile app development with our next vertical, MageNative. With easy-to-use apps for online stores, our consumers could offer more to the world! 

With native mobile app building and ecommerce solutions, our promise seemed fulfilling, but our desire to satiate our consumers wanted to ease them furthermore. We are still far from realizing our mission inexactitude. And our efforts aren’t at ease. We are striving and will continue to do this for years to come. Until then, this is what we are, this what makes CEDCOSS!

On our way to solidifying the aim

 With these four verticals by our side, CEDCOSS pulled off the idea of open source customization. Our core vitals were then honed, and subsequent services were launched to establish our niche in the competitive IT world.  

To sum it all up, we designed our verticals in the light of accelerating the pace we dreamt of. Each of them stood out for the ultimate goal. While CedCommerce became our front runner in the representation of ecommerce solutions. It also ensured us a gripping take on the space of ecommerce solution providers.

We also made the web a wholesome and worthy space for our consumers via MakeWebBetter. That enhanced their overall experience around the world and helped them take the desired industrial leaps.

Following this, our mobile-first approach with MageNative got us patrons all over the globe. It made the stores into apps, and ensured their smooth functioning and running over different operating systems. As the ease of use and assistance in maintaining customer choices was and will always be on our list.        

The community in building…

Once set with our brands, we were coupling our other needed resources to deliver the industry’s services that faced a shortfall. We strived with a smaller team and then multiplied, keeping in mind our need to achieve the feet. The process is still running and growing as newer channels of possibility emerge every now and then. And as we understand in a digital era, the flow is enormous.

This is how CEDCOSS made the ‘what’ of providing industry-best solutions to the businesses who sought them. 

The journey ahead is going to get complex, but we are committed to the mission. Whatever comes into the platter, we will work diligently to make the best of this digital space, because we are here to deliver and justify the spot we have indulged in. 

A team of two now stands 950+ tall, all because of the common idea being shared by everyone alike. Our venture grew manifold and continues to do so with every passing day. We hope to stay by our promise and bring the change we have been foreseeing. Connecting string by string, we became a “Community Engaged in Development and Customization of Open Source Software,” hence CEDCOSS. 

Join us in this journey of building a stronger and firm community because our mission lies in embracing your visions! 


CEDCOSS Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

CEDCOSS Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a leader in the realm of digital transformation and the e-commerce revolution. As innovators, aggregators, and enablers of technology, we specialize in cultivating a seamless digital journey for businesses. Our expert team is dedicated to deliver innovative solutions, integrating e-commerce tools, and providing the technical backbone required for online ventures.

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