Founded in 2010 by Mr Abhishek Jaiswal and Mr Himanshu Rauthan, CEDCOSS is a Community Engaged in Development and Customisation of Open Source Software.



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Shoptalk Las vegas

Shoptalk Vegas 2023: Reignited the best in Retail

Shoptalk Vegas 2023 was a beautiful dream turned into reality for our team at CEDCOSS! Our sister wing, CedCommerce, ventured out again for the largest retail reunion, and we couldn’t be more excited.  Shoptalk has been instrumental in honing the retail discussions for thousands of retail changemakers. Where everything from trends to transformational technologies is […]

Healthcare Organization Social Responsibilities
Celebrating goodwill with blood donation day

Celebrating goodwill with Blood Donation Day

Blood donation saves lives. Every year, every day, every moment, millions need blood. But imagine all of this discussion wouldn’t be taking place if in 1628 William Harvey didn’t discover the circulation of human blood! And thanks to his stepping stones, 200 years later, human blood transfusion was achieved by Philip Syng Physick. But the […]

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How digital transformation can take you to new heights?

The world business order is full of opportunities since the inception of the Internet. Advanced technologies, innovations, and developments have seen a tremendous revolution in the last two decades. The era of digital transformation has shown the masses the ability to shape things one can never even think of.  Basically, digital transformation is the infusion […]

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