Founded in 2010 by Mr Abhishek Jaiswal and Mr Himanshu Rauthan, CEDCOSS is a Community Engaged in Development and Customisation of Open Source Software.



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Voice Search Experience

Elevating “Voice Search User Experience” with Voice Search and Voice Interfaces

In today’s digital landscape, optimizing the “Voice Search User Experience” has become a critical focus for businesses aiming to enhance their users’ interaction with technology. The integration of Voice Search and Voice Interfaces (Voice Search Interface) presents a unique opportunity to revolutionize how users engage with digital platforms, particularly in the realm of voice-activated searches. As […]

Content Marketing
Importance Of Data Driven Marketing

Data-Driven Marketing: A Comprehensive Guide

Introduction   In today’s dynamic digital marketing landscape, Data-Driven Marketing reigns supreme. Every click, every like, and every scroll holds valuable insights that can make or break your marketing campaigns. To navigate this data-driven landscape effectively, you need to master the art of choosing the right metrics, setting up tracking tools, collecting and analyzing data, interpreting […]

Innovations & Technology
Social Commerce

Future of Shopping: Social Commerce Strategy Revolution

Introduction to Social Commerce In the dynamic realm of e-commerce, a revolutionary trend is taking center stage – Social Commerce. It’s not just about transactions, it’s a social experience that blends online shopping with the power of social media. This blog explores the intricacies of Social Commerce Strategies and its transformative impact on the way […]

Career and Development Opinion
Giving Feedback Made Easy: Expert Tips for Better Conversations

Giving Feedback Made Easy: Expert Tips for Better Conversations

“Feedback is the breakfast of champions.” – Ken Blanchard Picture this: You’re cruising down the feedback highway, windows down, wind in your hair, and a roadmap of ambitions sprawled out before you. But wait, what’s that up ahead? Roadblocks of criticism, detours of defensiveness, and the occasional speed bump of emotions threaten to derail your […]

Development Innovations & Technology Technology
Future of low code and no code

The Future of Low Code Vs No Code

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, the ability to adapt quickly and efficiently is paramount. This is where low-code and no-code development platforms are poised to make a significant impact. The future of low code and code is intertwined with rapid innovation and digital transformation. According to Gartner, the market for low-code and no-code technologies is […]


Unlocking Digital Transformation: A Deep Dive into Low Code and No Code Development

In recent years, the landscape of software development has been revolutionized by the emergence of no-code and low-code platforms. These platforms, designed to empower both technical and non-technical users, have rapidly gained popularity due to their ability to accelerate digital transformation and streamline application development processes. In this comprehensive blog, we will delve into the […]