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Twitter Notes

Twitter Notes – A Long Form Content!

The microblogging platform introduces the feature to write a long-form of article! Named as Twitter notes, twitter takes a step ahead and announces a note feature on its platform where writers can now write long articles too!

Twitter is well known for its micro-blogging feature. A Tweet cannot be more than 280 characters. Being the USP, the platform achieved marvelous heights and attract the social media users to make a shift on this platform globally. 

The announcement

Twitter recently announced from their handle Twitter Write that they are launching the “Twitter Notes”. This space will help the writers to write long, descriptive, and informative articles on Twitter now!

When will Twitter notes be live and active?

Soon after the announcement was made, the platform cleared that initially, they will be running a beta version for the testing of this feature. 

For this, Twitter has given access to a few of the writers who will be helping them in running the notes section and finding that it does not have a loophole both from the front end and from the back end!

Once, it is tried and tested, it will be globally launched.

The beta version is available only in a few regions right now namely, 

  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • Canada
  • Ghana

As it is still under the trial mode, therefore to experience the notes feature, you need to 

  • Be in the Twitter note accessible regions
  • Follow the writers’ who are testing notes
  • Follow someone who retweets or quotes the Notes

On the first day when it was implemented, twitter also, re-shared some of the notes. But, they will be visible only in the accessible areas for now. 

You, being in that region, want to know who are the writers allotted, then here are the names

So, you can find the notes here!

The Notes Section

New things always create a lot of curiosity. So, just hop on and chill, we are going to explain all about the notes here. 

So, Notes will be having a separate section in the window. The side window will have a section named “Write”. By clicking on that, you will be able to write your notes. It will appear like this 

Notes timeline

Word limit

We already know that Twitter has a character limit of 280 characters for a tweet. In order to give a better and long-form experience to the writers, Notes will have the following limit

  • The title will have a limit of 100 characters
  • The body of the note will have a limit of 2500 words.

Features of the Notes

Notes are real fun. Being long-form content and to keep it engaging for the readers, Twitter has added pointers like 

  • Images
  • Videos 
  • GIF’s
  • Tweets

Which can be embedded in the notes. 

Once the notes are drafted, they will be published and will be available in your Home Timeline. The notes can be repurposed by

  • Sharing
  • Retweeting
  • Quoting
  • And sharing to other social media platforms as well. 

Notes will have a unique URL. This means they can be visible to the public outside the Twitter platform also and to the ones who dont have an account on Twitter too.

So, this is COOL! You dont have to log in, you dont need to have an account and can go through the valuable drafts you wish to go through!

Now, I am like

Season 8 Wow GIF by The Office - Find & Share on GIPHY

This gives an extra edge and authority to Twitter Notes!

The Notes will have an edit option too after even it is published. This will add extra benefits like 

  • Clearing out the errors (If any). 
  • Updating the information with the new facts, figures, and information.
  • Making modifications as per the requirements

Apart from all this, 

You can, 

  • Report the Note if it violates the Twitter police.
  • You can mark the copyright claim
  • Trademark Infringement can also be reported!

So, you get a complete set of all the required features in the Notes section!



Bringing in this feature does not mean that Twitter is looking ahead to make a shift towards the long form of content. The tweets and the notes will go hand in hand. To magnify the experience of the Twitterati, notes have been taken into consideration. 

So, both the options available, chill and explore what you want!


Finding Learning and adapting to change is the foremost thing in all the patterns whether it’s your life, your business, your job, or anything you do! Keeping the same, Twitter initiated with the Twitter Notes!

How will it perform is a question which has its answer in the future. But, likewise the current scenario, it will be a great entertainer. 

More updates will be shared soon, once it is accessible in our region too! Hopefully, Wish to see it soon Twitter!

People, for more such tech trends and updates, VISIT US. 

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