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why do you need to work for ideal workspace management

Why do you need to work for ideal workspace management?

Why do we need to work for ideal workspace management? What makes it necessary? To put it plainly, the people! The context! We are now living in an era where communication is no more a concern. With physical stores seeing the virtual e-commerce space to now office space becoming flexible.
Because 73% of corporates were demanding flexible workstations by 2021!
And not just that, hybrid working as a concept might be familiar to us today but has been in the pipeline for years now. (Surprising it is, but it’s true).
A lot more is expected to happen in the following decade. Till then, let’s try our best with what we can do.

In the following blog, we address the cardinal meanings an ideal workspace has. Both for the employees and employers. While looking at what it is in essence and how it affects the performance metrics.
Here’s an overview of the content comprised within:

What is an ideal workspace?

How do we define it? An ideal workspace varies for individuals and organizations. But over the reading and learning one thing that came out shining in the armor was the objective with these spaces.
“A space that thrives and challenges both employees and employers.”

Ideal workspace management

Today ideal workspace management stems from the need and want of improving productivity (a section we will deal with later). It extends beyond the traditional space. And centers around the idea of having a space that is mobile, flexible, and well-managed by the tools at disposal.

Because workspace management impacts not just productivity but

Team culture 

Apart from this, a workplace is supposed to be inclusive for the likes of various individuals. Say the introverts, extroverts, and ambiverts. Because a diverse workspace also means handling everyone.

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What is an ideal workspace management employees?

Employees today are fixated on the idea of work-life balance. A demand that was sadly never raised and realized. But not anymore, as people realize the big FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) over things other than work, they are taking their lives more seriously.
This is why crafting the ideal workspace and its management becomes central to them.

On rummaging through the thought books it was identified that:

  • Employees need transparent communication within any setup they work in. Be it from the office or remote. Or hybrid.
  • A flexible working schedule helps them in managing work stress and boosts their psychological well-being. Thus many seek this today in their prospective managers.
  • Work appreciation is also a leading factor that counts in for the ideal workspace for an employee today. They don’t want to do mechanical labor only. A word of appreciation is what they seek to build morale.
  • More freedom for creative expression is also a strong point that employees put forward in their work environment. You give them the sources and they want to unleash their creativity and deliver good work.

Have you forgotten or do we need to remind you again? Remember the great resignation the US faced last year in the month of November? Where more than 4.5 million people left their jobs. The reason being they were not satiated with what they did. And the need for more caused this mass resignation.

More so, the pandemic gave them the time to rethink. As to why they are doing what they are doing.

Gartner study
Source: Gartner’s study

Hence looking further into it in terms of employees, they now want a space of value. Where further considerations like:

  • Employees now seek a space where they are received with compassion, experience cooperation, and support. Because they win battles for you. If they receive the warmth and support, it gets reflected in your organizational growth with their increased productivity.
  • An active focus on healthcare and family seems to be a strong requisite for many. After all, they are working to take back something to them. Companies now offering competitive health benefits mean more to employees than companies who don’t.
  • They seek good leadership and guidance. Since that helps them step up or step down in their career. Therefore, it is a must to hone leadership for ideal workspace management.

Apart from what they seek, it is also important to note the ones on the other side. That is, the employers

Why ideal workspace creation worries employers?

Often times employers here are at the receiving end of everything. But it’s important to look at their side of things too. They do have expectations from the workspace they create and run. For them creating ideal workspace management is crucial for crucial reasons.

The ‘why’ of employers

Have you faced this question from employers during hiring? That says, ‘What’s your ideal work environment?’

Employers ask this to identify two things:
First, will you be a fit for their company culture?
Second, your potential in the environment they provide.

Employers seek employees whose ideas and goals align with their thought processes. If it’s not 100% they are always up for making adjustments. But these two are crucial for them.

Plus, believe it or not, ideal workspace design has the power to make employees more loyal. But also that 73% of departments will work from home by 2028 (according to Upwork’s pre-pandemic survey) is racking their brain.

What it means for employers

What they are trying to do

Okay, we get it, you cannot contain your workforce in solid grey space. They need space to move and work. Employers get this too. And thus, apart from working on the perks and benefits. There are certain intangible ideas they are bringing into the foreground.

Effective ways for work environment improvement


  • Working condition. That is the agreement on elements like work hours, remuneration, training, and work structure between the employee and the employer. This aspect is making companies bloom with regard to ideal workspace management.
  • Company culture. This is a front that caters to the way internal communication flourishes within the company. This draws a sharp line between the norms they can exercise and the ones they can’t. While also shapes the value system for both the participants.
  • Physical environment. True that today and for the coming decade physical environment won’t be much under the employers’ influence. But shaping up spaces for the rotating 25% mean optimum space, transparent and well-lit (if possible, some infusion of natural light) rooms. With due care given to private rooms and shared spaces.

The last point is also a point of envy among many. Because uber spaces that are comforting and warm often create a positive outlook in bringing people on board. (Looking at you Google for such amazing spaces).

Pro tip: Check out all that you can do to avoid stress in a day’s work.

But obviously not every company can pump up that sort of infrastructure. With what’s available they are all focused on one collective mission.
‘Delivering work that makes everyone grow and learn.’

How does ideal workspace management affect productivity/ performance?

We have already seen how ideal workspace management leads to employees becoming more loyal. If an employee receives it well then the impact on performance and productivity sees an upward curve.

You control the space you work in. And with that very thought some physical attributes to help you perform better are:

  • Decluttering your work desk. Trust me when I say this, the mess on the surface makes your mind messy too. So DECLUTTER.
  • Your background noise breaks your workflow and rhythm. An office layout or a zone free of that unwarranted noise will boost productivity.
  • (Day)Well-lit surroundings help by 84% in the reduction of eyestrains, headaches, and blurred vision, an attribute that has a massive impact on our performance.

Ideal workspace management impacts productivity
  • Surrounding your workstation with plants or artwork. This is one thing that not only channels a good mood but being devoid of it can make you sulk. So have it.
  • How sure are you of the effect temperature has on your working or working space? If not, consider. Because when the mercury levels go down, they take along with it your productiveness.
  • While many organizations today take up the 7s model for performance improvement.

Improve workspace environment
  • Apart from these, a workspace that minimizes fatigue, provides movement and gives easy access to the things at hand. All in all takes care of the ergonomics of your work. A lack of which will take a toll on your performance and hamper productivity.

So do you see now? How an ideal workspace management is crucial? It not only helps you deliver but helps you thrive physically and psychologically. A feat that many are finding difficult to achieve but are still seeking.

Parting words

Ideal workspace management may be an idea of the perfect world. But knowing what works best for you is what makes an ideal workspace management easy. We may have shared an inside perspective here. Although what we suggest might go through enormous changes in the coming decades. Because the workspace is constantly evolving.

The next 10 years might be a time where digital dexterity will overpower the experience. Or say machines will become our colleagues. And data collection of employees will grow manifold. You never know.
The point is, the emphasis on creation and management of an ideal workspace is never-ending. All we can do in the process is imbibe what best fits both the parties and deliver what we are to give.

Do not forget to drop your query, if any or connect with us for discussions. Because we are indeed all ears!


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