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The strive for future of digitalization by CEDCOSS

The strive for a future of digitalization by CEDCOSS

Change is the utmost truth in this world. In this renaissance, we are here from the initials to be part of the turnaround of the world corporate working culture towards digitization followed the by the strive for a future of digitalization!

The era is completely dedicated to digital transformation. All businesses, whether small, medium, or large, have found ways to shift online because it seems like a plan for the long term. One thing is for sure, the positive outcome of COVID-19 is that it gave a boost to the revolution of digitalization among businesses and adaptability among the masses along with remote work. So, it provided a much-needed kick through which the possibility of the future of digitalization to conquer the markets were much easier and paced up!

Now we, CEDCOSS, have the vision, that each and every business owner, entrepreneurs who are stepping into doing business and making money, should not face any trouble in web-based applications and services deliverance. 

So, we, with our subsidiaries, provide you with all the required information and services which you will be requiring to set the stature of your business in the online world.

Making Good – Contributing to the community

Since its inception, it was a part of our core mission to provide an end-to-end solution to web-based businesses and cater to open-source solutions, hence, catalyzing the digital revolution in real-time! But, we know that only providing solutions is not the way to do so. With respect to that, we prepared ourselves to be an active contributors in the global communities and spread awareness about the future of digitalization, and make sure that people should bring this into consideration! 

On the path to being a community contributor, we got the opportunity to represent CEDCOSS at various global platforms and showcase the power we had and let people acknowledge the hard work we have done in this upliftment of digitalization. 

We do this regularly. The latest event we attended while drafting this article, was just two months ago when we went to Europe to be part of Europe’s largest Retail Re-union – SHOPTALK. 

Shoptalk – 2022

It was a fabulous 3-day event where a platform was prepared to meet the world leaders and thinkers, top tech giant businesses, and a lot more to learn. 

At this mega event, it was a massive opportunity for the people engaged in retail commerce sections to collaborate with brands, get themselves educated about the new technologies and development in retail, and add more to it in the areas of improvement. 

We spent our days very well, meeting our business collaborators as well as making new acquaintances. 

Meet Magento – 2022

During the time, when we were stuck back in our houses and all the physical trades, meets, and business was closed, the spark of digitalization was such that an event as huge as Meet Magento, the Global Ecommerce Event was hosted virtually. 

CedCommerce, one of our’s subsidiaries, was a proud gold sponsor of the event!

We attended the event and got into the core. It became a big hit! Find more on the event here

We attended many more events like 

  • SEMRush marketing show 
  • Google channel sales summit
  • Adobe Developers live conference
  • UXNOW conference
  • INBOUND19 in Boston
  • eCommerce Expo Europe
  • SME talk on “Ecommerce cross border in Malaysia
  • Shopify Unite event  in Canada
  • Exabytes Internet Marketing Summit in Malaysia
  • Magento Imagine session in Las Vegas
  • Magento live France
  • Magento eCommerce expo in Berlin
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You might be thinking that reaching those platforms was not an easy task. You are absolutely right!

Our journey started in 2010, and we were in the mode where the adrenaline rush was 24*7 in a higher state. That means we were on the nerves. Just working, thinking, chilling, enjoying, sleeping, and back to the core!

This is what the complete hierarchy was scheduled at. Focus people with a set mind to achieve something great, working and enjoying all together. 

And this enthusiasm made us able to add something extra to the world and that is our Innovations!

The Technological Metamorphosis – Our Innovations!

On the route to the build a better future, we hustled to the extent that we can bring something to the market which was previously not even thought of. 

In that race, we successfully innovated our 3 experiments

  • The Head-On shopping Innovation
  • Collaborative shopping Innovation
  • Livestream commerce Innovation

All three were the benchmark in the rack. 

The Head-On shopping  

This innovation helped the specially-abled citizens to easily be on websites by just the movement of their heads. 

To be more clear on this topic, have a look at this video 

I hope things would be been clearer now!

This, Head-On shopping Innovation was loved by the Magento innovations lab, where we showcased our achievement and thus, we got the platform to show this to the world. Here is the keynote session by our Co-Founder, Mr. Abhishek Jaiswal, at Magento Innovations lab- 2019.

We were the winners there!

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Our next Innovation, 

Collaborative Shopping

This innovation was the rise in AR technology. Here you can shop in AR using 3D modeling for viewing and choosing your products, surfing through the preferred settings, and also sharing the screen with your people, friends, and family. 

Have a look at this video for a better understanding of this innovation. 

So, from this innovation, you can look forward to the product and how will it will look by just creating a visual space for them. Giving you a better and better experience before buying anything from the marketplace!

This is an interesting innovation, I guess, you would love!

LiveStream Commerce

This was our latest innovation, which allows you to shop live!

yes, a feature, where you can shop live. The live stream creates such an impact in the commerce market, we build something which can create a bond between the shopper and the seller and buy products while the shopper in showcasing them on the Livestream. Have a demo here, 

So, this was the way, we tried to add value to the ongoing in this era!

This is not yet!

We have this in our mission and vision, we will do this regularly, making a place full of ease and adding more to the digital technologies’ transformation world is going through.

Everything demands some appreciation. We also got some!

Awards and Appreciations

In the year 2020, we were the 5 times consecutive winner of the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 India 2020 Awards.

In 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020, we marked a spot successfully where we heard the name CEDCOSS in the list of the top fastest 50 businesses in the country!

Our graph, the way we operate

Growth chart-CEDCOSS

The success behind everything we achieved is our team!

Our team, our family, with the vision to achieve something and return it back to the people and support them. 

We are always high, high on inspiration!

Even the situations like COVID were not of many difficulties to us while working. All we faced was missing each other and hanging out together. And we also resolved that in this way

The essence of love, a bond of being together, achieving all together, advancing through the hurdles like never before, Cedcossians, taking CEDCOSS ahead, for the future of digitalization!

The Beginning!

 The conclusion here is just the beginning, the beginning towards the future of digitalization where we stand firmly with an objective to add more and more value to the upcoming scenarios and living patterns!

This is we, CEDCOSS, with a mission and a vision!

If you want to be a part of this, you can always connect with us and also find opportunities at CEDCOSS!

In case of more information, you can come down to the comment section!

Let us take each step to take this world ahead! 


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